Monday, 2 February 2015

Fighting The Good Fight With LAPD Insecurities

I have been sick with the flu three times in two months. This must be a record for me. I just cannot kick this bug. First it's just a lingering cold; then a quickfire fever; now it's sitting on my chest. If I wasn't more sure of the way the world works (and I ain't no expert), I would think that this bacterial bastard has a personal vendetta.

This is where Ryan Pollie comes in. His musical outlet, Los Angeles Police Department, has become a quiet, medicinal aphrodisiac for us here at Sonic Masala - and latest song 'Insecurity' is the top of the heap. It comes off an incoming 7" he is bringing out on Fat Possum later this month, and it is a typically blase yet affecting shuffle through a rumination on hedging bets and trying to win despite a plethora of neuroses - I think. I'm dosed up on a bunch of meds and buzzing on the fuzz. It's a goddamn corker that will ensure I fight this fungal nightmare for another day - and if that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is. Pre-order the 7" here.

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