Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday Cover Up - Gino Lets His Goons Go

Florida swamp punks Gino & the Goons brought out a rad 7” last year that was a slurred party started, thumping forth like troglodyte and liquor meltdown buzz. The new 7” (out through Slovenly Records now) isn’t as likely to light up rather than pound through the wall. ‘Check This Out’ has the gloves off, brows furrowed in an inebriated storm, damaged and threatening to imploded, darkness infiltrating even as the drunken moans evoke a bottle-in-the-hand choral sway around a junkyard fire. The B-side, as with their last release, is a cover – this one of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers’ ‘Let Go’, and the 70s paced punk rock is breakneck fun. As always Gino et al brings along fellow goons to smash things up – in this case Memphis loose cannons NOTS and New Orleans punk tyro Buck Biloxi, along with Sarah No Mas (Pelican Pow Wow Records). You get what you expect with Check This Out/Let Go – you would be a fool not to indulge.

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