Friday, 29 January 2016

Don't You Leave Tyrannamen

Melbourne rock troglodytes Tyrannamen is one of those bands I have heard about so often I assume I have seen them. I haven't. I assumed they had a plethora of scuzzy albums littered around the backwaters. They don't. This self-titled record is their first. And it is great - a cantankerous brand of punk RnR soul that the older roughnuts (think Coloured Balls and the sharpies movement) to the newer generation (Royal Headache and Oblivians being the most immediate punk peers) should all get behind. It's rough around the edges but riddled with hooks, harmonies and heart. Tyrannamen may have been five years in the making, but the result is electric - five guys thrashing out and about, grins plastered, beer spattered, and ready to grab the world by the scruff of the neck. Will it be a kiss? Will it be a headbutt to the bridge of the nose? Either way, the visceral connection is timeless. You can get Tyrannamen through Cool Death Records here.

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