Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Being With Brat Farrar That Night

Brat Farrar continues to deal in rock subterfuge, delivering Being With You That Night seemingly under the cover of darkness (possibly in a coffin, if the rad Bela Lugosi cover is anything to go by). Brat (AKA Sam Agostino of Digger & the Pussycats) continues to mine various seams of rock tangents, kicking off with the fuzz-punk-glam w/ drum machine mania of the title track, before delving into more bubblegum rock circa Ratcat via a Bolan-led Laid Thenardier (check em out) in 'Let It Go'. He finishes out this fun 7" with 'Feel This Way', going widescreen with the guitar buzz, a perfect palate cleanser before starting all over again. Pick it up here.

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