Thursday, 7 January 2016

Who Owns Free Time?

Freewheeling dudes Free Time hit back in the new year with a new track, 'Who Owns The Moon?'. The band, comprised of totally mild twerps harbouring terrible truths from a panel of judges, is like Scott & Charlene's Wedding in that ringleader Dion Nania models his band around where he is, hence the appearance of Martin Frawley, Zach Schneider and Joe Alexander on the track. Its typically slow-paced, almost deliberately torpid in its sluggish approach, eyelids at half mast, hazily contemplating the lunar behemoth and the meaning of life lived/not lived. If you dig the aforementioned bands, or to a degree compatriot Summer Flake (especially her latest EP), or even borderline childlike lyrical conundrums placed alongside more giddily plaintive emotion, then you will get on board these relaxed, clearly Antipodean guitar pop shuffles. 'Who Owns The Moon?' precedes an incoming album, In Search Of Free Time (aren't we all?), through Bedroom Suck Records.

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