Monday 5 November 2012

Sweltering In The Dusty Heat

New Orleans based band Heat Dust throw a lot of shit into the industrial mixer – noise rock, punk snot, fuzzed rot, rhythmic flot(sam) – all while ring-a-ring-a-rosying around a maypole devoted to J Mascis and Robert Pollard. The five tracks on their self-titled cassette EP are fizzing with hooks embalmed in 90s sepia-tinged euphoria, a pertinent dynamic in 2012. Strident hooks and melodies are rife, culminating in tracks that are impossible to ignore nor dislike. Having jumped on board San Antonio based Texas Is Funny Records (home to SM faves God Townes and Grasshopper Lies Heavy), Heat Dust are red hot.

Heat Dust – Sleeping Call
Heat Dust – Thick Distance

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