Thursday 8 November 2012

Warped Imaginings From An El G

I started writing about In Coro, the cassette LP that France’s èlg put out in June. Even a brief conversation with Toni from NO=FI Recordings had me reinvigorated for it – then I simply forgot. Sorry to you both. In Coro is some seriously warped stuff – a mix of French pop, drones and cut-up, psych folk and dreamy experimental sounds. A mind-bending cross between Pink Floyd’s The Wall on a cassette left out in the sun, and an even more sinister audio recording of In The Night Garden.

I'm not sure if there is any of these cassettes left – only 100 were made up – but try here. Sample it below. t isn’t for everyone – it actually gave me a headache the second time I listened to it, like skeletal fingers digging through my skull and pulping my brain – but if you are adventurous, there is so much to be gleaned from this. A cracked delight.

Track listing:

good service
gens vue ouïe
melted mall


des mirages
hattthof de pierran
melted mall
sharks into the present
l'art du sommeil

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