Monday 26 November 2012

Dreaming For The Sun

It is certainly no secret that I am a massive fan of local psychers Dreamtime. I have waxed lyrical about them on numerous occasions. And whilst the release of their 2nd LP Sun is cause for celebration, I have already prepared a splurge earlier – here is a little from my review of the album for another publication: “Opening with “single” 'Centre Of Mind', a song that could have been found on the cutting-room floor of a Black Angels session (minus the ethereal female backing vocals), Sun lays it on thick and refuses to veer from the chosen path. The droning beauty that is 'Baphomet' benefits from vocalist Zac Anderson’s vocal depth, skittish percussion and squalling guitar augmented by throat music-inspired mantras before the feverish dirge breaks through.”

So yeah, Sun is fucking amazing. I go on and on, like I'm wont to do, but you can read the whole thing on the band’s website here. The trio go from strength to strength, and if you don’t believe me, then whose name is that on the bill for next year’s illustrious Austin Psych Fest, sitting pretty at the bottom next to the Holydrug Couple? Hell Yeah! Totally deserved. So if you are in the US next April, go to Austin and see these guys. They will be touring Stateside too – more on that very soon.

And you can get Sun here – which, of course, you really really should…

Dreamtime - Baphomet

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