Friday 23 April 2010

Titus Andronicus+Vivians Girl = Weezer?

I was not expecting this.

Once again I feel like Im stepping on Paul's coattails here, what with my Mates of State/Girls cover the other day, and here I am doing it again! But this one can not be ignored.

Titus Andronicus - those of wild beards, wilder buzzsaw guitars and American History texts tucked firmly under their flannel & tattoo-covered arms - playing with Cassie Ramone - she of doo-wop from the psychedelic shop lo fi maestros Vivian Girls - playing Weezer - cardigan wearing, horn-rimmed glasses championing, slacker hipsters that disappeared up the pop inanities otherwise known as cuckoo-to-the-supreme Rivers Cuomo's arsehole.

Ah, its all true - and quite frankly brilliant. The impromptu back and forth banter between Ramone and TA frontman Pat Stickles is very amusing, and the homemade 'Im in a high school band' sound just heightens the warmth factor.

And the fact that Paul and I belted out this tune the same weekend that we came up with this blog means that this song will always be close to my heart haha!

Turn this on, crack open an alcoholic beverage, grab a sliver of sun, and remember the 90s in all its indie glory...

And as a little post script - I love the Blue Album and Pinkerton. And some of the Green Album. And a little more of Maladroit. But havent heard Make Believe or the Red Album. And Raditude - the less said the fucking better.

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  1. This is fucking ace! Takes me back to ATP, a curry, and ten random indie blokes moshing in a chalet!