Monday 26 April 2010

Taming the Impala one rainbow at a time...

Paul certainly beat me to the punch last week with his Tame Impala post. These Perth upstarts have been cranking out their giant swells of psych waves for only a short time, but their name is growing exponentially. Their musical taste is firmly set in the 70s with influences such as CSNY, Jefferson Airplane and Can amongst many others, yet they feel contemporary as hell. The big news as posted by Paul is that they are playing Glastonbury. Im tres excited for them, and for all of you who get to see them! I dare say they will be putting on some London shows too, so to see them in an intimate setting would be even more trip-inducing. Anyway, here is another 7 minute plus opus to melt your mind too. And as the title suggests, it might be the track to listen to as my plane finally leaves the Brisbane tarmac(albeit illegally - but one iPod couldnt bring down a plane - could it? I guess Ill find out...)

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