Friday 2 April 2010

Sun dodgers

Now I have the feeling that I might be treading on Brendan's toes a bit with this one. I've recently been enjoying the clattering, drawling punk of UV Race. Not only are this band Australians like my fellow co-blogger but they sound a lot like Eddy Current Suppression Ring which, as regular readers will know, Brendan holds a particular soft spot for. But to top it off UV Race are even signed to Aarght! Records, the label run by ECSR's Mikey Young.

In short - Brendan, you should have been way ahead of me on this one! But enough of the pointless one-upmanship. UV Race may push out clattering, drawling punk but it is smothered with a warm, effortless confidence that many bands would kill for. At first listen you might think these Aussies are a one trick pony, but a closer look reveals the true depths that UV Race have to offer, Gore Orphanage being a good example. The song recounts the story of a ruined and haunted orphanage in Ohio. That said they also have songs about being a Lego man. Well you can't win 'em all.

Gore Orphanage - UV Race

Also check out their blog here

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