Thursday 29 April 2010

When Geography Isnt Enough

David Davison has carved a little niche for himself in the math rock community due to his interesting and very entertaining work with 'day job' Maps & Atlases - the EP You and Me and the Mountain was particularly awesome.

However, it is Davidson's other job that is catching attention in 2010. Cast Spells is staggering in that the quieter Davison plays, the more powerful and urgent the songs feel. His EP Bright Works and Batons late last year moved a few heads, but was largely ignored - at everyone's peril. His set list at South By Southwest under the Sargent House label (of Fang Island fame - and as an aside, get on board that, they are fucking awesome!!!) garnered a swirl of attention, and apparently some of it can be seen on Youtube. As it is, here's a track from said album.

Rumour is Maps & Atlases are releasing an album later this year too - keep tuned...

Cast Spells - A Badge

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