Wednesday 28 April 2010

Thaw out from slumber

Im not sure what Paul will think of this, especially after noting the twee comment of a few days ago (Im not sure if that was aimed at me - if it was, we'll be having words...). I too usually have an aversion to most things twee. But whilst I wouldnt put Nova Scotia troubadours Wintersleep into that much maligned sub genre, Im sure Ill cop flak anyway...

Wintersleep are a good band, lets get that out first and foremost. My mate Will mentioned their name a couple of times but I didnt cotton on until I grabbed their last album, Welcome To The Night Sky. I was that impressed that I chased down their previous releases and noted their progression from post-rock influenced structures to more elegant, elegaic soundscapes of a type that befits their moniker. Yet despite envisioning snow covered expanses and visible breath when hearing their songs, there is an inherent urgency and warmth to Wintersleep that enraptures the listener, longing to traipse through the snow to the joys that lay across the horizon.

Wintersleep will be bringing out new album New Inheritors next month, and have released their title track as the first single. They will also be showcasing the album in the UK (playing here in London @ The Lexington) during May before touring the US with Matt Pond PA.