Thursday 15 April 2010

Record store geek day

Saturday is going to be a very busy day as its the, by now, annual Record Store Day! Yep its that time of year where vinyl crazy indie kids all over the globe got nuts over a plethora of super limited pressings of random one off vinyl treats from alternative music's great and good. And you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be one of them. Its an awesome idea and great way to support the independent record store in your life.

A taste of the many record shaped delights of this year's releases can be found below (that should translate as 'ones Paul wants') but it seems that the Blur 7" Fool's Day is the release that's got everyone in a right sweat. But others include...

•ATP 10" featuring Built To Spill, Sleepy Sun, Apse and Fursaxa AND the chance to win a 4 person chalet at ATP.
•The Flaming Lips re-recording of Pink Floyd’s classic album The Dark Side Of The Moon.
•Reissue of Deerhoof's 2003 release Apple O on blue vinyl.
•Reissue of The Beatles Paperback Writer 7" with Rain on the flip.
•Reissue of Electric Eels (I'm so) Agitated / Cyclotron on red vinyl.
•A four track EP, Doe Deer, form Crystal Castles.
•Fucked Up, The Daytrotter Sessions, 7" .
•Dum Dum Girls and Male Bonding split 7".
•Reissue of the Valleys of Neptune EP by Jimi Hendrix, coloured vinyl etc .
•Hot Chip (featuring Bonnie Prince Billy), I Feel Bonnie, 7" (as featured earlier on Sonic Masala!! - BT)
•Mogwai and Fuck Buttons split tour 7"
•The Rolling Stones Plundered My Soul limited 7" - previously unreleased track from the Exile period.
•Sonic Youth, Hits Are for Squares compilation album, including exclusive new recording Slow Revolution.
•Factory Records Communications 1978-1992 featuring Joy Division, New Order, The Durutti Column and the Happy Mondays.

And millions of others, including this by Beach House, taken form limited Record Store Day Zebra EP... at last a mp3!

Beach House - Zebra (UK Radio edit)

Naturally record stores are putting on lots of live shenanigans as well. Rough Trade and Pure Groove have some of the best line-ups, so photos, tracks and reviews (of a sort) to follow! Maybe we'll see there - but hands off that Blur 7"...

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