Friday 9 April 2010

The Firday cover up - No.3

Its Friday, thank fuck!

With the UK mega bank holiday weekend having just left us in its wake, this week might have only been four days long, but hell it was long, it was tough, it was grime. So a little Friday cover action to lighten the mood.

This week something a touch different - in fact its not really a cover but a slice of mash up heaven from White Eyed Tigers. Whenever someone asks me about mash ups then this the is the track I point them to. Now I'm no expert but this track lacks the over worked dance distractions that most remixes and mash ups seem to (to my ears anyway) suffer from. This little number gets it spot on, its almost effortless, spooky even - a Friday tune if I ever heard one, one for the common man. So embrace your Friday with all the heart it deserves.

White Eyed Tigers - She Sells Grapevines

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