Monday 19 April 2010

Fool's day indeed

Right - this might get me into trouble, but what the hell. You may recall that some band called Blur was putting out their first recording, Fool's Day, since 2003 as a very limited 7" in aid of Record Store Day. Needless to say it was the hottest piece of wax in town and those that got their mucky little mits on the coveted brit pop shaped piece of vinyl had to get down there very early indeed (or in the case of the first punters queuing outside Sister Ray, not go to bed at all - the crazy sods camped out at the store all night!). I'm afraid I am too fond of bed for such shenanigans and turned up at Sister Ray at 9.15, still 45mins before the store opened its doors, but late enough to be 96th in the queue. As you can guess, I didn't get my own copy of the Blur 7" - but I found a man who did! So below is the mp3 of said record for you to enjoy. Just promise me that if, and its a very big if, Blur do put out a new album, you'll part with your well earned dosh. I'll sleep better for it.

Oh and by the way, its worth the hype!
Blur - Fool's Day


  1. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

  2. You can now down load the track from the Blur website legit,