Friday 16 April 2010

Say please

Wow - a London band for once! Only kidding... The London trio Please are yet another example of the distorted take on 70s aesthetics that seems popular at the moment, only this time its dirty, twisted and a touch seedy. Like Abe Vigoda stoned and drunk on meths, looking for a fight by perving at your girlfriend. Please have appeared on the same label comps as That Fucking Tank and Chops, and its clattering enjoyable stuff from a band that don't seem to be taking themselves too seriously.

Please have a host of live dates coming up, including a headline slot at Dalston's 113 tomorrow with Leeds' Breads (more on them soon) and a host of other London dates over the next few months, including a Upset the Rhythm show. Now you try and google that shit! Here's their Myspace to help.

Please - Sutton Hoodoo

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