Tuesday 20 April 2010

Breathing in snow

I stumbled upon the North Carolina shoegaze outfit Glissade a while ago and they've been one of those bands I never got round to digging deeper into. In fact their L.P. Further came out way back in March 2008 so I'm so far behind on this slice of joy that they may of already left this earth for good, hope not, but their myspace has gone a bit cold.

Glissade - Fields of Snow

Talking of quality shoegaze passing me by I should really mention Bristol band The Fauns in the same breath, shame they should get a whole lot of breath all of their own, cos that's how this band feels, a distant west coast sigh as you drift off to sleep in the sun. Check out their self titled L.P from last year. The Fauns also have a London live date in May at the 229 Club supporting The Telescopes.

The Fauns - Loverstuck

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