Wednesday 21 April 2010

More National gibber gabber

I know Ive been strong on the National front in the past few weeks, but with their January 2008 gig at the Zoo, Brisbane, still firmly entrenched in my mind, the release of their newie in a few weeks is palpable. So when I come across any kind of info about the guys I must impart, pront!

First up is that on Friday the band are streaming High Violet in its entirety via The New York Times to counter a poor quality leak of the album thats floating out in the internet ether. Fair enough too - its better to give your fans a taste of the real deal than let them suckle on the teat of a tinny blowback of a reproduction - that is the way of today though, so good on the lads for taking it on the chin and being proactive.

Also of interest is that long time National collaborator (and celebrate Illinoisemaker in his own right) Sufjan Stevens has brought an experimental short film entitled Destroy! Those Irritating Memories. The soundtrack (and to most reports, the most interesting part of the whole endeavour) is by the Dessner bros, Aaron and Bryce. See the clip below to get the gist - the first 4 minutes or so is boring otherness from Stevens, but it gets interesting after that.

Destroy Those Irritating Memories
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