Thursday 22 April 2010

Taking Travolta to the Stars...

Prins Thomas (AKA Thomas Moen Hermansen) has been pumping out his take on "space disco" for a few years now, spewing forth delectable cuts of psychedelic electronica-esques from his Norwegian ice tower (so Im led to believe...although Im sure he lives in a far more ordinary environ, I like to push the envelope on this one.) Better known for his music production and his collaborations with Hans-Peter Lindstrom, Prins Thomas has etched out a nice little niche for himself and a few other Scandinavian light trippers through his Full Pupp label, and his globally renowned DJ sets (including an epic 6 hr trip in Thessoloniki recently). A cut from his upcoming album will give you a clear indication of what to expect. I, for one, am sold.

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