Monday 12 April 2010

Steal your face and descend

Friends often ask me whetherI know of any bands trading debauched driving African tribal funk punk rhythms, with the soulful shrieking of a wild desert banshee for vocals. I always answer with a wry smile and say one name - Mi Ami.

The interstellar space/funk San Francisco three piece have a new album out on Thrill Jockey, Steal Your Face - which, strangely, is exactly what it does. Oh, and your ears, and your feet, and your soul....

Following up from last year's Watersports LP, the band seems to have found a sixth, or even seventh gear. It is scary, claustrophobic, thrilling stuff. Layer after swelling layer of intricate detail drive you ever onwards over the six, admittedly exhausting, tracks. Tribal and dub influences hammer your dread filled mind. Only one moment of calm, the track Dreamers, smooths you to a rest but every other moment of quiet is a deceptive lull before the next other worldly storm. An imaginative white knuckle ride of a record. They've also got a rare London live date set up by the lovely Upset Set the Rhythm (god I love those guys) June 8th, Bardens Boudoir. Dare ya.

Mi Ami - Latin Lover

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