Thursday, 19 June 2014

Video Vacuum - Step-Panther, Spoon, Bo Ningen, Gum Takes Tooth

It's been a while since we dived headlong into the moving image here, so let's go for it! First cab off the rank is Sydney's snots Step-Panther and their great new track 'Nowhere'. Animation at its most simplistic, devilish and stupid - my kind of fun.

Spoon are back! I must admit that I have a soft spot for these guys - Kill The Moonlight is still one of my favourite albums of the last decade. The band have rushed this little clip up of new song 'Rent I Pay' on the interwebz - not sure why it's "unofficial", it's a pretty straightforward affair, all shadows of Britt Daniel performing, but I don't care - it's just good to have the boys back.

London-via-Japan psych acid rockers Bo Ningen have a third place to call home - namely Australia, what with good friends Black Night Crash Records signing the guys up for their distro over here. And it's great to see things haven't gotten any saner with the band - the time they melted my face off at 100 Club in London in 2009 will not remain a distant memory. The film clip by Marie Schuller is incredible, let's go lose our minds.

And whilst still in the land of the United Kingdom, the land I started this fine blog in and (spoiler alert!) the land I will be returning to shortly, I thought we would look in at another band I remember fondly - Gum Takes Tooth. Here is an experimental live recording they did with Jaxson Payne - not as straight up deconstructed punk, but aberrant noise philandering nonsense nonetheless - so of course I think it is great. I'm off to see some bands in a Bearded Lady - enjoy...

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