Tuesday 10 June 2014

Sonic Masala Festival Artist Spotlight - Andrew Tuttle

From today onwards I aim to shine a light on a different artist that will be playing at Sonic Masala's first festival. I went all out  and called it Sonic Masala Fest. Because I'm an ideas man...

First cab off the rack is Andrew Tuttle. He is a much loved and proactive member of the Brisbane music scene for over the last half decade (and a bloody good mate). He has performed in a bunch of acts, most notably his solo pseudonym Anonymeye. Turning a new leaf, he has stripped the moniker and embraced his namesake. To open the salvo he brought out the wonderful little EP 4064, named after the postcode of Paddington, the suburb he lives and has lived around for some time.

Tuttle is in the process of writing new material, the first taste being BickLack, a twenty-eight minute sound collage that sews together a bunch of audio samples, improv runs and unreleased edits recorded last year in a mesmeric yet ebullient whole. One of the important facets of Tuttle's solo oeuvre is his ability to carve out light whispers, tendrils of sonic space that evokes open spaces, lonely streets, the quiet within the urban. BickLack continues in this vein and is a stunning pastiche of where this eccentric banjo-slinger is heading next.

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