Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brittle Concrete, Bony Water

Sydney electronic artist Setec has been on my radar since his Wood & Wire release, the EP I'll Be Good. There is a subtle percolating beauty that lies embedded in his work, something akin to the more subdued cut-and-paste elements of Cornelius' work. Its the fluidity of the music that really stands out - when most artists say they are blurring the lines between organic and synthetic, they aren't cutting close to what Setec is tapping into here. And his upcoming LP Brittle As Bones seems destined to show this once and for all. You only need to be lulled by track 'Water Or Concrete' to understand where Setec (AKA Joshua Gibb) is heading. It's an amazing track that precedes what is likely to be a very exciting release, seguing from found-sound percussion to nebulous loops, hushed samples, and Gibbs' own voice, all melding together to become a breathing, naturalistic wonder.

Brittle As Bones comes out soon - keep your eye and ears peeled, because this promises to be an important 2014 release.

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