Sunday, 29 June 2014

Driven Mad By The Male Gaze

Get a load of the abrasive catharsis of the male gaze when held in thrall by the band Male Gaze, the pastiche golem plied together out of clay, piss and shit by past members of Mayyors and Blasted Canyons (these guys are still a band though, right? RIGHT?) Standing astride the summit of Mt St Mtn, glaring into the abyss that lies beyond the 'Cliffs Of Madness' whilst slurring/bellowing from behind rusted instruments that squall and splutter. It's a auspicious 7" opening stand AKA loud, scuzzy and bristling with blood-drenched hooks - grab it here. The band will stretch things out into a full length, fittingly on SF nutbags Castle Face Records in the upcoming months.

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  1. Anonymous5/7/14 20:13

    but why are they called male gaze?