Sunday, 13 October 2013

Walking On These Angry Seas

Melbourne punk survivalists Angry Seas were up here in Brisbane launching their self-titled 7" last week. Which is a shame, because I missed them - if only I had listened to the release (or anything of theirs) beforehand I would have made the journey into Fat Louie's for the show (they were playing alongside Grinning Loons AKA an incognito Spinning Rooms - on the same night Nation Blue & Batpiss were also playing - what a Melbourne-centric night...) Four tracks of tearing shit up, Angry Seas plays like an Aussie blue collar VB swilling Bronx, especially the jostling juxtaposition of melodicism and raucous riffs. Yet another Mikey Young production too - the guy has the Midas touch. If you like your punk rock in a pub, screaming and spitting and leaving you with cuts, bruises and a shit-eating grin, get this 7" ASAP.

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