Monday, 14 October 2013

The Tightly Wound Pairing Of God And Math

One of my all-time favourite bands, God Bows To Math, did some recording with all-time fave man Donnie Miller in his Nowhere Audio studio (AKA his home) when the NZ trio played Brisbane earlier this year. That show left an indelible mark on those who saw it (Cam Smith of The Waiting Room has it in his top five gigs since the seminal venue opened its doors two years ago), and the fruits of the subsequent recordings are about to be heard as the band release a 7" split with another rambunctious maelstrom of a band, Shanghai's Pairs. The 7" itself comes with pop-up artwork and a zine - awesome in and of itself - but if 'Tightly Wound' is a judge of character, then GBtM are at their face-melting best once more. It takes its time, builds the tension, then flays the skin and muscle from your bones. Rattling stuff. The record comes out next Monday - pre-order this sucker now, there are only 50 available. Now, about that next trip to Australia...

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  1. co-release with tenzenmen so there will be 50 copies available in oz too :-)