Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Re-murdering A Raving Mogwai

It would be remiss of me to pass the day without passing comment on the new Mogwai track, 'Remurdered', which will be coming out on their forthcoming LP Rave Tapes (their eighth, for those playing at home). It's proving to be a divisive little number amongst the rabid fanbase, so I won't say too much here for those yet to dip their toes in. I will say this though - it is typically excellent, especially when the synth breakdown hits around the halfway mark - yes, synth. I also listened to it 15 times in a row. That's over 90 minutes of listening time devoted to one song. Then again, I am a rabid Mogwai fan myself. Murky waters I swim in then. Anyway, make up your own mind and tell us what you think. Rave Tapes will be out through Sub Pop/Rock Action in January 2014 - pre-order here.

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