Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Black Tambourine-ing Is Hard

Falmouth, UK band The Black Tambourines have been on my radar since they released a split with New Years Evil on Art Is Hard Records back in 2010. Earlier this year they finally released their eponymous debut record, also through the boutique label from South West England, and the result is pretty much what you would expect - breathless, chugging surf-tinged garage rock that swirls around with a pinch of psych rock. The shorter the song, the better they are - 'Lemon' doesn't break 80 seconds, and could be an off-cut from Ty Segall's earliest scuzzy endeavours. There's nary a shift in momentum - it is all tethered to the railroad tracks, albeit travelling at the speed of light. The foursome love to dish out a trashed out party vibe, and The Black Tambourines certainly distills that into an easily digestible aural pill. Drop it and spazz out. You can pick up the LP (and other Black Tambourines-related guff) here.

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