Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kamikaze Danya Loses It Over Teenage Burritos

Here's an enamouring 7" that came out a few weeks ago through Volar records from San Diego band Teenage Burritos. The band is a bit of a "supergroup" (as in there are members of Christmas Island and Plateaus in the mix, with Andreas from Swedish killers Holograms appearing on the B-side track 'Kamikaze'), and this debut single 'Danya' is a lot of sunny yet grimy take on upper echelon punk. The tracks were recorded on an 8-track where the tape caught jammed, so the warble throughout the two tracks is accidental yet sublime - offering an off-kilter immediacy. 'Kamikaze' in particular slays, and the band have intimated that their upcoming LP (that will be out through Volar and Burger Records any day now - we'll be back on that when it hits our clammy hands) will follow in this vein. They do remind me of a more urgent younger sibling of Veronica Falls, which is a great thing indeed. I don't care how young or old the burritos are, just give me a lifetime supply.

Buy Danya/Kamikaze from Volar Records here.

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