Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Big Richard Idjits

This Friday marks two years of putting on eclectic shows of some of the best bands this country has to offer (with a couple of Kiwi brethren thrown in for good measure). We've put together a stellar lineup - The Spinning Rooms, Turnpike, Landing In The Presence Of The Enemy Jaguars Advanced (what a fucking mouthful) - and these guys, Adelaide shitkickers Big Richard Insect. They released a self-titled 7" a couple months ago through the excellent Major Crimes label (responsible for equally strong releases from SM faves Multiple Man and Old Mate), and it's four wiry tracks of seething hiss and spit, albeit in a drunken, borderline innocent way. 'Cop Out' is the only song-song here (and the only track to break a sweat over two minutes), a swaggering king hit to the back of the head, all grime and hazed sunshine. It's a great track. The other three are steaming pustules of slavering, slobbering punk mayhem, kicking walls in with garish, oblivious abandon. Good, concise, arsenic capsule shit.

As I said the trio will be palming off this puppy this Friday at The Waiting Room (who also turns 2 this weekend), a tenner on the door, BYO, beginning of the long weekend, let's get loose.

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