Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dirt from Stevens Past

I don't know if the post-wedding blues exist, but if they do, I get 'em bad. A couple of my best mates tied the proverbial knot on the weekend and I'm pretty sure I more than exhausted my share of dopamine (and their share of champagne).

I didn't know anything was up until day two when, lying under a fan, thoroughly un-effervesed, I realised I had no desire to get up. I dragged my laptop onto the floor hoping for a distraction. Somewhat ironically, 'Hindsight' provided more than that. Further scientific study may be required to claim beyond reasonable doubt that a chord change can change the way a breeze feels, but I would be happy to add my anecdote in the affirmative.

The Stevens have a knack for capturing that fizzing anxiety, that feeling you can never quite put your finger on, let alone catch. Their sound scratches through years of quiet ceiling study, ruminating on just how limited our powers actually are. It's a reason to get up.

The debut album A History of Hygiene is out through Chapter November 1. Get it, you won't regret it.

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