Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Naked Maja Soaring At #59

On the same night that Sonic Masala was showcasing Beef Jerk's Schooners 7" launch, another SM fave was launching their latest single down the road. Local architects of the atmospheric slowburn Naked Maja continue to evolve, and with '#59' we see the whispier elements of their musical genetics burn away to reveal a muscular solar flare drift, coalescing into a sonorous squall that belies the delicate, disembodied vocals. The darkness emanating from within this track pulses like a transcendental, viscous fugue state (have you seen John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness? Ok, never mind...) The download also includes a remix of the track by psychbeat weirdniks Barbiturates - and it's a broken siren of yearning that is all kinds of amazing.

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