Monday, 28 October 2013

Widowspeak Head Back To The Swamps

The great new EP from Brooklyn's psych folk wanderers Widowspeak is really working me over tonight. The Swamps is six tracks of coalescing, haunting beauty. It isn't often that an EP offers a complete listening experience, offering instead bite-sized portions of ideas, kernels of genius, nuggets of experimentation - so fun, yet not always fulfilling. The Swamps is something else - a perfectly calibrated and distilled adventure into the Gothic unknown, a rustic ghost story filled with vintage gloss and eeriness. There are moments of lilting strength and positivity, like on the country smoker 'Brass Bed', but the undulating majesty that permeates The Swamps is never out of sight (and with 'Smoke & Mirrors', the prog kosmiche elements heighten the song and the album into another territory altogether...)

Captured Tracks are putting The Swamps EP out tomorrow - you can buy it in pastel yellow vinyl here.

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