Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dirty Dancing On Crystal Shipsss

Yesterday I showed the Lee Ranaldo video for 'Fire Island (Phases)' that featured Berlin act Crystal Shipsss. That momentous occasion isn't the only thing keeping Jacob Faurholt and his cronies busy though - they have released a new LP Dirty Dancer. The album accentuates the creaky meandering nature of Faurholt's musical imaginings; a nebulous pendulum of dark and light quirk, refusing to sit still, to coalesce into something fully-formed. Due to this, and Faurholt's unique, shrill vocals, Dirty Dancer has wrongfooted a lot of critics, frustrated with the artist's knack of straying off the designated path of an album, or indeed a song. It is true that the album veers in all kinds of directions, thus connecting with the material requires dedication and attention. From choral drifts to lo-fi guitar jams, minimal scratchy beats and broken synth lines, anger that evaporates, despair that congeals, glee that drips maniacally from the fangs... Dirty Dancer is unapologetic for its schizophrenic meanderings and quick-cuts. Focus instead on Crystal Shipsss as something of a stream-of-consciousness flume ride through the mind of a beguiling artist, and you might start to get the idea. Give this Dirty Dancer ago, see if you don't get swept away.

You can pick up the album here.

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