Monday, 14 October 2013

Pushing Breedlings' Lungs All Over The Velodrome

As I'm not overly familiar with the bands that have burst out of the hallowed halls of Cambridge, England other than Pink Floyd, I can't let you in on the history of angularity and dissonance. That said, I met a guy in a pub there that loved my Explosions In The Sky T-shirt, and he then proceeded to school me in all kinds of awesome music. I believe I gave back as good as I got. I wish I knew his name - or indeed the pub. Swallowed in misty memories marred by substances far and wide, I'm afraid.

So I have no geographical reference when it comes to listening to this triple-A release from Cambridge trio Breedlings, other than to say that this kind of post-punk excellence is like the cast-off and eaten embryo twin of God Bows To Math - there are Minutemen references a plenty here too, and whilst it's a little more straight up the line than the NZ juggernaut, you could hear these guys doing a mean cover of 'Slow Decline'. And a band comfortable enough to release three tracks of equal merit is good enough for me. Discord is well and truly on the table here - a smorgasbord of collegiate angst, bubbling along the Punt, overflowing in bitter bile. Good times.

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