Monday, 28 October 2013

Video Vacuum - Beach Fossils, The Ocean Party, Keep On Dancins, Pop 1280

I like a story with a good twist in the tale, don't you? Well today's Video Vacuum is a bit like that - three music videos with energy and light, before finishing up with a bucketful of viscous tar. And trust me, you will love it all...

Beach Fossils' latest record Clash The Truth is the strongest statement Dustin Payseur and co. have made yet, and 'Generational Synthetic' is one of the strongest statements off it. The video is VHS sworling fuzziness, the band mucking about in the middle of the night. So 80s MTV. I wish I was there right now, shopping trolley, love doll, strobe lights and all...

More fun times with Melbourne's funtime dudes, The Ocean Party. This video for second single 'Quarter Life Crisis' shows the band and their friends from the Osborne Street stable, getting progressively loose as the night spirals out of control. Cue the hats, wigs, and makeup...

Keep On Dancins take the B-side from their upcoming Grey Ghost single and put it to a day-trip to the Brisbane Ekka. It looks a lot more fun than I envision the Ekka to be, but it's always about who you're with I guess. Filming done by Tiny Migrant Julien James, and effectively put together by KOD drummer Alex Dunlop, it's actually a sleepy yet endearing clip to another smoky noir ballad.

Ah, leave it to degenerates Pop 1280 to darken the mood. Admittedly 'Do The Anglerfish' isn't their most demonic and debased track, but the bilious wrath makes for strangely compelling listening/viewing. Blue Monday for the deliciously diseased.


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