Sunday, 13 October 2013

Frenchkissing Over A Dream Shake

Who is keen for a Dream Shake? The eponymous debut LP from the Virginia Beach duo came out this week on Frenchkiss Records, and it's an album that slides down easy, tastes great and give you the warm and fuzzies well after the wax stops spinning - even if it's a little sugary at times. Not unlike a Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Toblerone thickshake. Man, I really could go one of those right about now...

The nine tracks here, made up of names of women from 80s and 90s television shows, are delivered with the slightest of hazy, sepia-tinged, fuzz cauldron echoes, a crunching sound that can start to leaven things out after a time. Still, it's undeniable that Dream Shake knows their way around a solid hook, and when you create early-Deerhunter gems like 'Samantha', you are onto a great thing. This is a fresh new take for the band (formerly called We Are Trees - the shift of name was a good call), and there is more than enough here to come back to - and hold high hopes for the future.

You can buy Dream Shake here.

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