Friday, 12 August 2011

Zombies Migrate West

Last year I found and fell in love with the moody instrumental soundscapes of Texans Zombie Western. I then thought their Christmas release of Carol Of The Bells absolutely killed (with amazingly creepy cover art).

Now 2011 has been zombie-free - but that is all about to change. The guys have an album on the horizon, and in a true Sonic Masala exclusive, we have the album title and cover art! The new LP is called The Great Migration, which at this point in time will be self-released and hopefully will be smashing us in the kidneys and eating our brains come October. The band (who have replaced one guitarist (David) with another (Daniel), have slogged over this for the past few months, and if the untitled track below is any indication, it has been hard work well spent. The soundtrack to the Apocalypse is nigh!

Untitled new song by ZombieWestern

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