Saturday, 27 August 2011

Girls Lay Down Some Easy Fungal Magic

Fungi Girls is a band that indirectly ties Sonic Masala together. Paul burnt a copy of their Seafaring Pyramids LP for me, but he gave it to me when out on the piss. Luckily Ani had a bag (aren't girls the best?), and it floated around in said bag for about a month before I finally got it back. Then I listened to it only a month before the fabled ATP Nightmare Before Christmas that was Ground Zero. So, whenever I listen to Fungi Girls, it takes me back to that place - awww...

Fungi Girls are taking me back more and more this past week, as the ace HoZaC Records releases their Some Easy Magic record. And a little like the new Times New Viking record, the maturity is plainly obvious from the first strains of opening song, the warbled surf instrumental 'Sabana Breeze'. The Texan trio's penchant for 60s influenced psych garage pop is intact, yet the playfulness is augmented by a stronger sense of melody that elevates songs like the title track and 'Lucie' from good songs to memorable ones. They are all still just leaving their teens, so growth is inevitable, but the shambolic frivolity that underpinned their previous efforts still stands here, just with a stronger sense of self (and 'Doldrums' stands as one of the best tracks of the year). Next album could be a killer...

Some Easy Magic is out now - grab it here.

Fungi Girls - Some Easy Magic
Fungi Girls - Lucie
Fungi Girls - Velvet Days

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