Monday, 13 December 2010

Until a Christmas set zombie western is filmed, this'll do...

I mentioned back in May this amazing instrumental band with the mega rad of death moniker, Zombie Western (see here). Their self released EP The End...And The Aftermath was the most apocalyptic post rock Id heard in a long, long time, and yet I havent heard boo about them since. I never expected to hear their next effort would be a Christmas single - but here it is, 'Carol of the Bells' - and it is typically moody, atmospheric, unnerving and oh so cool! Seriously, these guys need to get some recognition and join their Texan brethren Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You in the higher echelon of the instrumental rock genre! And whilst the Boom Bang put out a brilliant effervescent Christmas track, Zombie Western have given the polar opposite - and yet is just as incredible. And that creepy cover art - amazing!!!
If Santa came down with a cold and rose on Christmas day bring a flesh-eating virus down the chimney, Ill be standing there, shotgun in hand, this song on the stereo, and grinning from ear to ear...

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  1. thanks for this. its awesome.