Monday, 29 August 2011

Mogwai Divide And Conquer

Any news from Glasgow rock gods Mogwai is likely to rile up the Sonic Masala squadron into a rabid-fever frenzy. For me personally, the fact that a new album and three chances to see them in the year - in Australia - just about boiled my brain. Yet, the quintet are ready to turn up the heat even more, with the imminent release of Earth Division, a four track EP that showcases a more orchestral, almost regular strong structure template from the band (there is even a proper vocal track on 'Hound Of Winter'!). It is fantastic to see them experimenting, stepping over the line in the sand that they themselves carved all those years ago - and from their Splendour In The Grass set a few months ago, it is clear that they are as revitalised, and VITAL, as ever.

You can listen to Earth Division here - then grab a physical copy on September 12 (via Rock Action Records). And if you are sitting around in the land Down Under twiddling your thumbs due to missing their only show back in July, ease your mind - expect to see some very exciting news regarding November...

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