Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pure X Pleasure

Texas' Pure X (seriously, Texas is better than New York at the moment, surely?!?) have expertly built up anticipation for Pleasure, their LP through Acephale that has just hit the shelves. Their You're In It Now EP was killer, their reverb-heavy meanderings has ramped up their penchant for tempered expulsions of noise. And now that Pleasure is here, it's great to see that it more than lives up to the heightened expectations.

Not that its an easy listen - these ten songs are languid psychedelia to the point of catatonia, sometimes so adrift as to barely remember to become fully formed. Yet this is the strength of the band, and one that is hard to define, as so many bands attempt to harness this floating dream state with varying degrees of failure. Nate Grace's guitar is the true hero, stabbing through the soupy sonics to create ethereal, distorted shapes in the dim moonlight, but it is a true album of cogs that keep this machine ticking over. This is true hazy dreampop personified.

What's more, the Austin trio are hitting London in November (alongside buds SLEEP ∞ OVER, who did a great split together last year that we championed here), taking over the Shacklewell Arms on the 1st. Get tix here.

Pure X - Heavy Air

Pure X - Easy

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