Friday, 12 August 2011

Video Vacuum - Wooden Shjips, Brain Idea, Hymns, Peter Kernel

Ah, what a picture. A wooden vacuum? With a video from Wooden Shjips? How delightfully silly of me! Well, we are in the last vestiges of a Friday before it's weekend time... Anyway, Wooden Shjip's impending album West is looking an absolute belter, Ive had a listen and can't wait to share more... But until then, here is the video from album track 'Black Smoke Rise' - it's in true WS style too...

Wooden Shjips - Black Smoke Rise from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Brain Idea really connected with me. The Chicago band seem intent to fuse washed out fuzz Armageddon with Krautrock-canoodling, Flying Nun nuance and giddy grins, and you can't help but love a band for trying such a heady mix. I haven't heard much beyond this song, but have heard good things about their Cosmos Factory EP that came out earlier this year, so might have to hunt that down...

Brain Idea - "Oh I'm Free (Earn Your Card)" from Mexican Summer on Vimeo.

Hailing from the UK Midlands, †HYMNS† (yes, not the crosses - they aren't witch house/gaze/whatever, so go figure...). have emerged out of the band Blakfish that split in 2010. I liked the video for this. Am still unsure if I like the band though - I guess you could say, the clergy is still out? Oh dear...

Hymns - A Punch To The Temple from Luke David Bather on Vimeo.

And finally we have Peter Kernel. Ive intended to focus on these guys for one hell of a long time - sorry guys! - so here is a little bit of info about em:

- they are a noise pop trio from Sweden
- they are releasing stuff on cool French label AfricanTape
- Italian blog Rockit calls 'Anthem of Hearts' “one of the most engaging and interesting pieces of the summer,” whilst French blog the Drone has compared their sound to Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead.

Now Im not that far up the championing pole, but this track is pretty good, and Im watching what they do next...


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