Friday, 26 August 2011

Hits From The Box #29 - Missing Loved Ones

Its been a while since we have had a warm fuzzy Hit From The Box, hasn't it? And it's not on the traditional Sunday - and that isnt because Ive gone all Puritan on your arses (although the thought did cross me mind...) Well a lot has happened in the past fortnight (or is it month?), not least a lot of catching up. This has been made infinitely easier by the fact that I have finished my Masters degree and have a full time job! Money is goddamned sweet when you have been eating dirt and turds for the best part of the year. Plus I have had some good friends around that I haven't seen for ages - Dubby from London, wee Luke the Jockey from Melbourne, Duncan from Freo via Ol Blighty, Ricky from Roma, Danny from Brisbane via Berlin, Steve from...well, from here - its been an eclectic few gatherings, all of them varying shades of loose. And the six bands that constitute this week's first lot of Hits From The Box fit such lurid, and abstract, experiences...

Glory Glory is the debut album from NZ act Wet Wings, and its a weirdly beautiful trip through a gossamer underworld. The band, led by Lucy Botting, create naturalistic soundscapes from a parallel universe, one that feels like a futuristic Ferngully. I know that makes next to no sense, but this album is quite unique and well worth the $7 (+ shipping fee Im guessing - Im just across the ditch so it cost me zip) it's worth to snavvle one up. You can do so through Infinity Tapes, Lil' Chief Records, Last Station Radar or Atelier Ciseaux, whichever is still pushing this delectable contraband!

Wet Wings - Feeel It
Wet Wings - Witching Hour

Seattle trashcore band The Trashies hit out earlier this year with their third LP Space Jam. Now I hadnt had much to do with the band before, other than one of their side projects Unnatural Helpers, but I liked this. It was kinda hard to love - the lead's voice is a mix between Gene Ween and Towellie from South Park in many respects, and their sound is shittier than the worst Psychedelic Horseshit recordings - but there is a lot of sleazy charm to be cracked from within this warped shell. Below are two of my favoured tracks - see what you think, if you likee, grab Space Jam here.

The Trashies - White Mold
The Trashies - Bug Smoker

Exeter based band Count To Fire are country folk in the Wilco vein. The track below promises much more than ticking influential boxes however...

I'm The Man You Need by Count To Fire

During this time I read Chuck Palahniuk's Fugitives & Refugees, a memoir of sorts about Portland, Oregon. I really want to spend some time there - I love weird. Rare Monk are from Portland, hence their link to the weird past month is through that book, for their EP Astral Travel Battles isn't really that weird. Its more straightforward psych rock with a smattering of jazz inflection, and I don't mind that at all. They are touring America this month in support of it - get out there and support them!

Rare Monk - Shoot Me Down
Rare Monk - Astral Travel Battles

I've only heard the one track by Danish band Sleep Party People, but it's pretty tasty. Technically a bedroom project for one Brian Batz, Sleep Party People is a dreamy, woozy slide through the slipstream of unreality. And everything needs a soundtrack nowadays, so this song fits the bill. He is taking the show on the road through Europe in the next couple months too, along with an orchestra of friends wearing bunny masks. Not too far from Donnie Darko territory then - except that Donnie IS Frank the rabbit... This tour includes three stops in London at three of their best venues - 11 September at the Lexington; 12 September at the Windmill; and 13 September at Hoxton Bar & Grill, where they will be supporting Handsome Furs. Well worth catching up.

Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All

To finish off this eclectic six pack, we have Orlando's Southern Lights. The track here promises to feature on their upcoming album. It lulls you into a false sense of security before entering your headspace with a static-heavy tidal wave. A drone number that offers that little bit extra.

Southern Lights - Grass Or Gasoline

Expect another one of these before the week is out, then ANOTHER one on Sunday - yeah, a lot of rad stuff to get into, and you have been deprived after all - don't want to have you music depleted folk freezing in the foetal position and choking on your own sonic vomit now, do we? So, until then...

Happy Monday!!!

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