Friday, 12 August 2011

Trans Am Thrills By Going Back To The Future

Thrill Jockey are an amazing label, and are having a blinding 2011 - but this will be nothing compared to what's in store next year, as the label prepares to enter its 20th year of existence in 2012. One of their core signings, Trans Am, is also preparing a look back into the Futureworld.

Starting late September, the wildly divergent and experimental trio will tour in the US performing the classic album Futureworld in its entirety, and Thrill Jockey will reissue a newly-remastered Futureworld on LP, with two digital bonus tracks - 'Nazi/Hippie Empire' which is a studio outtake from the Futureworld session, mixed by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem - holy amazeballs!) and 'Now You Die, Thriddle Fool!' which was originally released by Strength Magazine on a split 7". This is incredible news - Futureworld is a stunning album, nothing like it exists. Spin magazine said when it came out that it was "the world's heaviest New Wave record" - and they weren't far off the mark.

The re-mastered Futureworld LP will be available in a limited edition on September 13, and is available now for pre-order here. The LP will be packaged in a high gloss jacket with high gloss inner sleeve, and for the first time will include a download card for the album.

Thrill Jockey will be re-pressing and re-issuing other classic vinyl in 2012 as part of its 20th anniversary, including albums by Tortoise and The Sea and Cake, plus many more new releases from the burgeoning stable of new, bristling psych/drone/experimental/whatever talent that's at their fingertips. If the Mayans get it right, and next year is THE END - well, it'll be all right by me...

And if you forgot, or aren't privy to the fact of this album's awesomeness, listen to the title track here, download it, and let it soundtrack your future life - this is what TRON really is...

Trans Am - Futureworld by thrilljockey

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