Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Spectral Family

Britain does still hold the bar incredibly high when it comes to shoegaze, seeing as they invented the bloody thing. They are also storming the market with their made-up genres - trop pop? Check. Garage spazz pop? Uhuh. (Actually Im not sure if that even exists, but Male Bonding are great spazzes that make rad poppy songs in their garage, or something).

Yet that said, there is far more to boast about than genre-checking. Many people forget, thinking that it is mainly America's turf, that Brits also know how to make a hell of a lot of noise. Bristol's Spectres is no exception, borrowing liberally from the Sonic Youth/Glenn Branca playbook (hell, they even have a track called 'Sister'! Well, so do a lot of bands, but you pick up what Im putting down, right?) Their second EP, Family, comes out September 26 via Howling Owl Records (in what is only the boutique label's second release), and its a visceral gobstopper of continual delight. They dont turn their back on their elder statesmen either, for their is enough Thurston Moore and Kevin Shields-aping on opening one-two salvo 'Surrogate Mother' and 'Elephant Skin' for a lifetime of emulators to drool over. Recorded with Rory Attwell (Male Bonding/ Warm Brains), Family is an incredibly strong calling card of a band with intent.

You can grab this great EP here. They are playing London, September 24 at the Cavendish Arms (Stockwell).

Spectres - Family EP by Spectres

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  1. I was actually searching for Calling Card's online when I somehow came across your blog. I like how you guys sound and would love to hear more from you.