Monday, 29 August 2011

Will Hanson

Seems to be the week to reference Mogwai...

Ive been intending to spruik liberally about this young guy for quite a while. Will Hanson just released his album Moving A Body, a weird and wonderful LP that showcases Hanson's penchant for sharp lyrics, evocative instrumentation and arrangements, and unexpected aggression and noise. Its eclectic but very approachable - touchstones to Reed ('The Bats) and Waits ('Deathbed Conversion') are suitably huge boots to emulate, yet the comparisons are uniformly apt. But it is one track in particular that I haven't been able to escape, and that's 'The Ungodly Hour.' 'The Ungodly Hour' is the only real reference I would label with a Mogwai similarity, if you state that the first half is a contemporary of Fugazi's 'I'm So Tired'. And I do state this. Which is what makes this song fucking awesome - FACT.

The UnGodly Hour by Will Hanson

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