Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Your Youth Smarts

In the early gestating period of Sonic Masala before it was the behemoth that it is today (*cough*), we mentioned a little Brooklyn band called Your Youth. Their 4 track demo EP was fucking ace - although we did have to take their music down due to contractual shazzbutt (they signed to Gigantic Records, who then re-released the EP and thought us douchebags for discovering their brilliance before them. It was no fault of the band's, I must add! These things happen.) They loved that post though (which is tiny and fairly perfunctory by my now bloated standards, but you can still read it sans tracks here), and so have sent us their new 7" single, What Smarts. Things have changed a tad in the world of YY, namely the paring down from a trio to a duo, but they still like mixing their sojourns into youthful malaise with a heady sense of wanton abandon and fuzz. There are some Wipers references in there, if a snottier version, which is goddamned sweet to these tinnitus-inflamed ears. The band draws on all things pop, but goes by a simple credo: keep it simple and turn up the hooks. Well-schooled and certain, they have no fear of big production, which they try to fake as much as possible. It’s lo-fi gone DIY hi-fi. (Let's hope I don't get busted by the copyright police this time around - I really want these guys to like me...)

Your Youth - What Smarts

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