Saturday, 27 August 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - Flaming Lips ft Lightning Bolt, The Wilberforces, Alexander, Girls

First time we have had a Video Vacuum on a Saturday, so you are probably all wrapped up under the covers, but its the perfect time to chillax and watch/listen to some sweet tracks, I reckon!

This first one blew me the fuck away. The song itself - indeed the video - isn't game-changing, but the fact that The Flaming Lips recorded with one of the craziest bands of all time, Lightning Bolt, beggars belief. The fact that the song is good is divine - a sonic cacophony sanctioned by God.

Next up is Girls' new video for their latest song 'Vomit'. Now I have been a fair to middling fan of Girls in the past, but this track (and video) has helped their stocks to rise exponentially in my books. If you manage to resist listening to this track more than once, you are stronger than me.

We only spoke about this album yesterday, and here is Alexander's best Jesus Christ pose in the weird clip for 'Truth'. Its a luscious video, and makes me love this track all the more. Still contending that this will be in my favourite songs list for 2011...

Alexander - Truth from Alexander on Vimeo.

Finally, a very DIY effort when held up to the rest in this group - but oddly charming, as Kiwi pop bands are wont to do. The Wilberforces are cute, aren't they? And this track does more than it ought to, so Im sold.

And seeing as it's Saturday...GET BACK TO BED!

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